Capture Value: Via Marketplace Fees, AI Training, Premium Features

In addition to its token-based incentive model, Inite employs several other mechanisms to capture value and sustain its operations over the long term. These include:

- Marketplace Fees: Inite charges a small transaction fee on all purchases, sales, and licenses conducted through its decentralised marketplace. These fees are used to cover the costs of platform maintenance, security, and dispute resolution, with a portion going to the community treasury.

- AI Training Fees: Organisations that wish to train custom AI models using Inite's federated learning infrastructure can pay fees in IDEA or INIT based on the computational resources consumed. This allows Inite to monetise its AI capabilities while still preserving user privacy and data sovereignty.

- Premium Features: While the core features of the Inite platform are free and open to all, certain advanced capabilities, such as detailed analytics, personalised recommendations, or expedited support, are available only to premium subscribers who pay in IDEA or INIT.

- Partner Integrations: Inite may charge integration fees or revenue-sharing agreements for third-party services that plug into its ecosystem, such as design tools, project management software, or legal and financial services.

The goal of Inite's tokenomics and value capture model is to create a sustainable and self-reinforcing ecosystem that rewards all participants for their contributions while also generating sufficient resources to support ongoing development and growth. By aligning the interests of innovators, contributors, and investors around a common set of incentives and value drivers, Inite aims to foster a new kind of innovation economy that is more open, collaborative, and mutually beneficial than the siloed and extractive models of the past.

Of course, the success of this model will depend on many factors, including the overall adoption and usage of the platform, the quality and diversity of the ideas and innovations generated, and the strength and resilience of the community that forms around it. But by laying a solid foundation of tokenomics and governance, and by continuously iterating and adapting based on feedback and data, Inite is well-positioned to become a leading player in the emerging decentralised innovation landscape

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