2024: Global Expansion Fueled by Seed Round 2

In 2024, we plan to accelerate our global expansion and solidify our position as the leading platform for decentralised innovation. To fuel this growth, we will be raising a second seed round of $4 million from strategic investors and partners.

Some of our key goals for the year include:

- Localising the Inite platform for key markets in Asia, Europe, and Latin America

- Launching targeted innovation programs for specific industries or challenge areas, such as climate change, public health, or education

- Expanding our decentralised marketplace with new categories of assets and services, such as data labelling, model auditing, and IP brokerage

- Implementing advanced governance and dispute resolution mechanisms to ensure the integrity and fairness of the ecosystem as it scales

- Establishing Inite Innovation Hubs in major cities around the world to provide physical spaces for collaboration, education, and community building

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