2020-2021: Building Web3 and AI Foundations

The journey of Inite began in 2020, when our founding team recognised the immense potential of combining Web3 and AI technologies to transform the way innovation happens. We saw an opportunity to create a decentralised platform that could democratise access to cutting-edge AI tools, while also providing a secure and incentive-aligned environment for collaboration and value creation.

In these early years, we focused on laying the technical and social foundations for the Inite ecosystem. Some of our key milestones included:

- Conducting extensive research and development into federated learning, homomorphic encryption, and other privacy-preserving AI techniques

- Building out our initial Web3 infrastructure, including integration with decentralised storage, identity, and governance protocols

- Participating in hackathons, conferences, and other community events to validate our ideas and gather feedback from potential users and partners

- Securing grants and partnerships with leading organisations in the Web3 and AI space, such as NEAR Protocol, OpenMined, and SingularityNET

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