Inite is a web3 lifestyle ideas generation app with a fun game and social mechanics to keep users engaged and rewarded. Users equip themselves with NFTs in the form of devices, and by generating new ideas, they are able to collect IDEA tokens and additional NFTs.
Inite is not just a game - it improves users cognitive skills and productivity. It has been proven scientifically that an active brain improves longevity to keep the body active longer.
Inite is developed to foster creative and intellectual development for resourceful people through the generation of ideas on a regular basis.
With think2earn mechanics, Inite aims to facilitate a healthier and more intelligent lifestyle to combat cheap addictive dopamine games. This in turn increases the longevity of the game ecosystem and attracts more users to web3 as a whole.
We implement GameFi to incentivize participation and SocialFi for sustainable community and ecosystem growth with user-generated web3 content.
Inite has received a grant from NEAR Foundation.


  • IDEA: Game Utility Token
  • INIT: Governance Token
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