Inite is a Web3 mindfulness & idea boost app with gamified mechanics to keep users engaged.
The Inite team is currently developing three main products:
  • Gamified mindfulness app;
  • Corporate meditation & idea sharing tool for B2B solutions;
  • AI idea booster for entrepreneurs.
The Inite game is designed as a powerful tool to improve mental health, enhance cognitive skills and realize creative concepts. The app offers a variety of audio guides and modes for meditation, game mechanics for motivation and process tracking, and AI tools for enhancing creativity.
It's an easy and effective way to develop beneficial daily habits
  • Meditation. Just a few minutes of practice unloads the mind and brings it back to the here and now. Multiple scientific studies have shown that regular meditation improves our thinking and mood at the neural connection level.
  • Writing down ideas. Regularly generating new exciting thoughts stimulates our brain to think faster and smarter. So when we express ideas in writing, we memorize them for good and free the mind to get new insights.
Users collect scores and in-game artifacts by meditating and writing down their ideas. Idea matching tool allows finding like-minded people with similar concepts and creating chats and DAOs.
For a fee or in-game scores, users can give any idea a shape. Artificial Intelligence transforms a concept into a presentation, a website, an article, an image, and so on. Meditation progress and ideas are stored on the blockchain.
Inite offers individual modes for single users and corporate modes for work teams.
We implement GameFi to the maximum engagement and SocialFi for sustainable community and ecosystem growth with user-generated Web3 content.
Inite has received a grant from NEAR Foundation.

Last modified 1yr ago