2023: Custom AI Agents and Ecosystem Integrations

Building on the momentum of 2022, our focus in 2023 is on expanding the capabilities and reach of the Inite ecosystem. Some of our key initiatives for the year include:

- Launching custom AI agents that can be trained on specific domains or use cases, such as biotech research, renewable energy, or social impact

- Integrating with leading AI and data marketplaces, such as Ocean Protocol and Hugging Face, to give Inite users access to a wider range of models and datasets

- Expanding our partnership network to include more corporations, governments, and NGOs that can sponsor challenges, provide domain expertise, or pilot innovations generated on the platform

- Launching a grants program to fund promising projects and teams building on top of the Inite ecosystem

- Hosting our first annual Initefest, a global gathering of innovators, developers, and thought leaders working at the intersection of AI and Web3

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