Decentralised Infrastructure: Arweave, IPFS, Soulbound Tokens

In addition to Federated AI, Inite is built on a stack of decentralised technologies that enable secure, censorship-resistant storage and communication.

Arweave provides the backbone for Inite's permanent storage needs. All data and metadata associated with ideas, projects, and transactions are stored on the Arweave network, ensuring their long-term preservation and accessibility. Arweave's unique proof-of-access consensus mechanism and economic model make it an ideal choice for storing intellectual property and other valuable digital assets.

IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) complements Arweave by providing fast, content-addressable storage and retrieval for frequently accessed data. IPFS's peer-to-peer architecture and distributed hash tables enable efficient sharing and collaboration on large files and datasets, without relying on centralised servers.

For identity and reputation management, Inite uses Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) - non-transferable NFTs that represent an individual's skills, contributions, and affiliations within the network. SBTs serve as the basis for access control, voting rights, and reward distribution, ensuring that each participant's influence is proportional to their proven expertise and impact.

Together, these decentralised infrastructure components create a robust, interoperable foundation for Inite's AI-powered innovation ecosystem. They ensure that users remain in control of their data and intellectual property, while still being able to share and collaborate seamlessly across organizational and geographical boundaries.

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