For the Inite team, the key was Aurora, a platform that offers Ethereum compatibility with NEAR protocol scalability to promise 1,000 times lower gas fees, 50 times higher transactions per second, proof sharding architecture, and an actual carbon-neutral value proposition. They also saw NEAR as a great partner for generating new ideas and finding new opportunities within the blockchain community. A match made in Crypto Heaven, as it were.
With an average 1 second block time, 2 second transaction finality, and a cost of approximately $0.02 per transaction, Aurora offers an ideal environment for the development of Inite’s ecosystem. This protocol has the same level of compatibility as Ethereum but much higher scalability so users and developers don’t need to fight with enormous gas fees and slow transaction times.
It is essentially the same environment as Ethereum, just a different RPC endpoint.
Last modified 1yr ago