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Reputation system

The reputation system is one of the tools for building an active Inite community and increasing user interaction.
To get more in-game bonuses and earn extra scores, players are encouraged to pump up their reputation, which depends on the following factors:
  • The number and engagement of the invited users (i.e. referral system);
  • In-game achievements (description below);
  • Participation in the ambassador program.

Reputation scores based on the invitation system

Each user can invite new players to the project. The more users (i.e., referrals) are invited, the more reputation scores the inviter gets.
The number of reputation scores depends on the referral's engagement. A basic amount is awarded to the inviter when the referral registers. Additional points are given after the referral acquires a device and also after the referral begins to meditate.
Referrals must be real and participate in the project actively: meditate, share ideas, and interact through the app. Technical means or app features should track it. If the inviter promotes fake referrals, bots, etc., or if they negatively impact the project, such users will not have any bonuses or access to extra features.
This option motivates users of the Inite app to consciously involve their friends to become new adepts of the app. There will be no bots or “random passersby” in the Web3 space: Inite will gather people interested in mindfulness practices who generate valuable content.

Reputation scores based on meditation

The user receives scores for each consecutive day of meditation. Additional scores are awarded each time the user spends 40 energy.
This way, Inite motivates users to meditate daily and creates more engagement.

Reputation scores based on achievement bonuses

A certain percentage of reputation scores are awarded to players who have reached the following actions:
  • 30 days meditation streak;
  • Accumulating 20 energy scores one time;
  • Trying all the inbuilt AI tools;
  • Acquisition of NFT level 30l;
  • Unlocking all meditation content;
  • Creating a clan (DAO);
  • Collecting all different NFTs.

Reputation scores based on the Ambassador program

Ambassadors are active users who are directly involved in the Inite project's development in one of the following ways:
  • Promoting media content;
  • Engaging with the community;
  • Maintaining the brand image of Inite.
Inite team members check and accept applications for the Ambassador Program in person and make a decision depending on the applicant's relevant background.

Some bonuses provided to high-reputation holders are as follows:

  • Limited edition devices with unique game characteristics;
  • Increased chances to get lucky boxes with random bonuses;
  • Limited merch with exclusive design.
The list of rewards is regularly updated and edited according to current trends.