Dophamine loops

​The Inite project has the intention of helping users form beneficial mindfulness habits through engaging gameplay and a supportive community.
In turn, the user is involved in the game through the following factors:

Reward-seeking actions:

For sharing ideas, you receive in-game tokens that allow you to enjoy more feauters
Daily usage increases your reputation scores, which, in turn, impact the reward level and additional bonuses
Daily usage increases your energy and allows you to play more often

Real-life implementation

Daily practices begin to effect mental health. You feel calmer and more focused
You have a collection of valuable ideas that you can apply
AI can boost your idea into a profitable venture

Feedback loops

Likes are given as a reward
Item stats increase
Follower counts increase
Scores are given as a reward

Punishment to prevent misaction

Other users are incentivized to report bad ideas
You will be banned for cheating