Game modes

Choose your NFT based on how you prefer to create new ideas. It can be brainstorming (PC NFT), or you doing nothing while some ideas come to you through meditation (Mobile NFT).

Base - meditation mode

In Base mode, players are equipped with an NFT Mobile to earn tokens by meditating and then write down ideas that come to mind at the end of the process.
Energy is needed to earn IDEA tokens - 1 energy equals 5 minutes of meditation. To begin, players press Start.
After pressing the start button, the countdown timer will start (length depends on how much energy the player has at that given time). Players cannot move or use their mobile phones, and they need to relax, meditate, or just simply try to do nothing.
Ideal case: you meditate for 10 minutes in the morning and evening and after meditation, you write down a good idea.
Good case: You have dinner with someone and instead of watching on your mobile phone, you press the Start button and keep your mobile on a table while having an engaging conversation. After dinner, write down some new ideas that emerged from your discussion.
Bad case: press Start, wait, write down “abracadabra” or other random nonsense. Inite Neural Hunters will come for you soon or late and ban you from cheating.
The amount of energy equals the maximum meditation time in minutes - at the outset, the player has 5 energy which means they can meditate/rest for 25 minutes. Energy increases depending on device/gadget quality and quantity, so if a player wishes to increase energy, they must purchase additional devices/gadgets.
With more energy, players will be able to generate more IDEA tokens through extended meditation periods.
  • IDEA tokens will be paid out after creating an idea and are dependent on device attributes.
  • You can't use your device or move. We use a tracking keypress, mouse, gyroscope, and GPS.


While you are creating ideas in base mode, a loot box can randomly be dropped. It contains NFTs or Modules. Each user has 4 box slots.
These Boxes have the same 5 quality types as the Devices. Opening a Box requires waiting for a cooldown period to pass (the countdown starts automatically upon receiving the Box). Once this countdown ends, a small amount of IDEA is required to open the box as a base cost.
Box countdown duration increases proportionately to its quality.

Brainstorm generation mode (Under development)

  • Unlocked with an NFT PC
  • Spend energy by writing ideas daily.

Going Public

  • Share your ideas with friends or the public to receive additional IDEA tokens from likes
  • Each like brings more tokens to you and the author of the idea
  • Report bad ideas - this brings immediate profit in IDEA tokens and 5x tokens if the idea is banned by the moderator, but consumes 1 energy


  • Make your ideas public, mint them as NFTs, and sell them for IDEA tokens

AI help

Consume IDEA tokens to:
  • Receive a list of ideas for a particular topic
  • Receive awesome art or realistic images for your idea

Merge mode (under development)

  • Unlocked by owning an additional NFT Laptop
  • Choose 2 topics from a list and try to merge them into something new and innovative


  • Scan a QR code to get access to typical problems of business owners. Write down ideas for them to win a share of the INIT token prize pool and a special gift from the business.

Voice and stress control mode (under development)

  • Unlocked by owning an additional NFT Watch
  • Record ideas with your voice to earn IDEA tokens
  • Monitor your stress level using your digital watch to earn tokens
  • Integrated with Siri or Tesla assistant

VR mode (under development)

  • Unlocked by owning an additional NFT VR Headset
  • In the VR metaverse, every idea is a star in the night sky
VR concept demo

Clan mode (under development)

  • Consume INIT tokens to create your own DAO or join an existing one of interest.
  • Social coordination devices for greater in-game rewards

Leaderboard (under development)

  • Be at the top each month to receive INIT tokens
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