Earning Cap

Meditation Mode Earning Cap

Meditation Mode has both a Daily Energy Cap and Daily Token Cap. These limits restrict the amount of Energy and tokens that users can have per day.

Daily Energy Cap

Users start the game with 2/2 Energy. Max Energy Caps at 20/20. Users can increase their Energy by getting more or higher quality Devices.

Daily Token Cap

Users start the game with a 5/5 Daily IDEA Cap. The Daily Token Cap maxes out at 700 IDEA and 300 INIT. Users can increase their Daily Token Cap by leveling up their Devices.

Meditation Earning


IDEAEarning(E)=round(NADI)IDEA Earning(E) = round(N * A * D * I)
N=min(max(1.21,Energy/3.55),1.5)N = min(max( \sqrt{1.21},\sqrt{Energy/3.55}),1.5)
A=(min(Memory,NetworkSpeed)system)A =(min(Memory,NetworkSpeed)^{system})
D=Durability[0;1]D = Durability[0;1]
I=min(1.5,max(Energy/3.55,1.21))I = min(1.5,max(\sqrt{Energy/3.55},\sqrt{1.21}))
  1. 1.
    Player's Energy
  2. 2.
    Player's Device Memory and Connection Speed
  3. 3.
    Player's Device Battery Life affects Durability loss.
  4. 4.
    System value: Value set by the game developer, subject to change.
Box value determines if there will be a Box drop:
BoxChance(C)=Nx(sqrt(Storage)system)BoxChance(C) = Nx(sqrt(Storage )^{system})
  1. 1.
    Energy used in one single session
  2. 2.
    Device Storage
BoxQuality(Q)=Nx(Camerasystem)BoxQuality(Q) = Nx(Camera^{system})
The factors which affect Box Quality are:
  1. 1.
    Energy used in one single session
  2. 2.
    Device Camera