AI Idea Booster

The Inite team sees AI as the future of entrepreneurship and offers an idea-boosting service in addition to the main app. Artificial Intelligence transforms concepts, plans, and thoughts into high-quality products. After writing down an idea, the user can use the neural network to transform the idea into a presentation, logo, whitepaper, or another of the 30+ options.

Problem and solution

According to Startup Genome Report statistics, up to 92% of all startups fail. 20% of projects close in the first year and 30% in the next. By the end of the fifth year, 50% of projects cease to exist; by the end of the tenth year, the figure rises to 70%.
Even more startups disappear at the idea phase. It is hard to track the number of rejections of new projects. Obviously, there are many such cases, but it is impossible to estimate them because most of them are not even mentioned on the web.
Experts point out the following among some reasons for business failures:
  • Insufficient presentation. Potential customers, partners, and investors do not understand the essence of the product;
  • The absence of a clear business model;
  • The product is inconvenient for the consumer;
  • Lack of demand;
  • Poor marketing.
There are hundreds of factors to consider to eliminate all possible reasons for failure. On average, it takes an entrepreneur up to 6 months and $50,000 to launch a new project. This includes the time and money involved in creating marketing materials for investors and consumers, writing strategies, designing corporate identity, etc.
Inite offers multiple ways to speed up the development of your business ideas and get from implementation to business instantly. Using machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence, Inite analyzes ideas of any complexity and transforms them into presentations, logos, or other business formats. In addition, neural networks process a massive amount of data and develop the best solution without hiring an expert.
Simply put, Inite lets you increase your productivity and save time. No need to invest hours creating these materials yourself.
This is where most people struggle: they spend weeks and even months creating something that doesn't work with their audience.
For individuals, small businesses, and large corporations, Inite will become a handy and powerful tool to quickly realize various tasks.

How it works

Inite is a tool that helps you generate ideas, develop them and visualize them. Let's see how it will work together: You write down your idea for Inite app. The app uses cutting-edge deep learning techniques to guide you through the entire journey from brainstorming to presentation. All without taking up the time. You can then further refine with more tailored results based on the specific needs of your project.
In addition to manually recording ideas, users can connect Inite bot to online brainstorming sessions. The bot automatically converts the conversation into a recording and highlights the suggested ideas and tasks. The user can then select the ideas to be performed and delegate them to the Artificial Intelligence.
Each task is performed for a separate fee, which can be paid in fiat, in-game scores or cryptocurrencies. This is separately convenient for users: while most AI services involve monthly payments, and most of the features included in the tariff are never used, with Inite, the entrepreneur can invest only in those necessary tasks.
The system can be integrated into any workflow as a handy and versatile tool for instantly realizing various tasks.
The main advantages of using Inite are:
  • Up to 1000x speed increase in the creation process and a 10-100x reduction in the budget;
  • Development of ideas using the power of a neural network;
  • Eliminating errors and miscalculations caused by the human factor;
  • An immediate record of all of the business ideas;
  • The automation of content production with AI technology.

AI options offered by Inite

  • Law: creating a company, analyzing lead VC opinions, generating contracts.
  • Tech: creating domain names, code examples, websites, smart contracts, gitbooks. Analyzing tech lead opinions.
  • Business: generating descriptions, pitches, invites, tasks. Business dev opinions.
  • Design: creating logos, brandbooks, videos, image assets, moodboards, mascots, etc.
  • Marketing: generating texts for ads, blog posts, social media posts. Creating marketing and growth hacking strategies. Writing punches for celebrities.
We want to help people manifest their ideas faster, and as a result, elevate society. With you, we are changing the world for the better!